Ladder Safety


hytile-gutter-pro-brochureLadder Safety in New Zealand is of the up most importance. Falls from height can cause serious harm and can even be fatal with life long consequences both physically and financially.Ladder Safety for short duration work is a positive first step when working at gutter height of for access to the roof in conjunction with a fall arrest system.
We are proud to offer a solution with a ladder Safety device, the Gutter Pro which is a very practical yet cost effective step to take in regards to ladder safety. It works with any type of Spouting.
It helps minimise the chance of the ladder sliding either left or right while protecting the guttering and fascia from damage that can occur when a ladder is leaned against it.
Perfect for the tradesman’s or home owner concerned about safety with the added benefit of protecting the spouting. It could save your wallet and your backside from unnecessary pain.
We are trying to improve Ladder safety in New Zealand please view demonstration video

Health and safety in this country in regards to the building industry is finally getting the attention that was well overdue.This includes Ladder Safety in New Zealand as well as scaffold safety.
We as roofers are up at the highest point on most building projects, but when it comes to fall protection we have in the past been thought of little if at all in terms of Safety.
Scaffold is usually put up for the builders painters and plumbers for spouting with little regard for what to roofers require. This has been a frustration of the industry for some time and a risk too great. We have in the past had to walk off the job until it was addressed or turn down the job builders would state they have not allowed for scaffold to gutter height and that it was our problem.

This is now changing for the better there is edge protection available but ideally this is not well suited for roofing as you have no platform to start laying for battens and paper it is of course cheaper but then take longer to carry out your work.
With this option there is no ladder access which is all so a cause for frustration.
Scaffold to gutter height or 300mm below the height of the gutter is the ideal solution to roof safety in our minds.Ladder safety in New Zealand is a real problem which can be addressed