Leadwork & Lead Flashings from Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974


Leadwork, lead flashings & lead sheet once crafted are indisputably one of the great building materials. For centuries it has been used to cover roofs of cathedrals, churches, public and private buildings with countless other applications like our famous lead casting and custom lead flashings.

When detailed and fitted correctly, lead sheet has proved to be a reliable and long life material with outstanding durability.
In the occasions when lead has failed, 99.9% of the time it is down to poor workmanship not the lead itself. As lead is a metal it is subject to thermal movement if this is not allowed for over time the lead stretches and contracts until it tears itself in two. Some say lead is expensive but when you work out the life expectancy of correctly installed flashings compared to the cheaper options it will out perform any other product on the market.

We are specialists in lead-work from whole roofs to basic lead flashings.
Working with lead is a true art form. This is the best place to see the amount of work that goes into a Macmillan roof. You can actually see that the metal is formed into shape by hand and the edging that is so intricate. All of which goes towards giving your roof the overall look of quality that is synonymous with a Macmillan roof. But our craftsmen would not have it any other way. Our men are extremely proud of their craft and they really take pride in the finishing touches.

Our leadwork is second to none. All our work is carried out to British specifications. Yes, we make up standard lead flashings for tile roofs too.

Please view our leadwork gallery to see some of our lead creations.