Macmillan Slaters & Tilers – Master craftsmen since ages ago


Since time immemorial man has worked with nature to create shelter. From humble beginnings he was intriqued by the combination of beauty, practicality and durability when using natural roofing materials like Slate, Clay and Lead .

Over five generations, the Macmillan family has been involved in the specialised art of affixing slate and clay roof tiles, through the ages each one passing down this knowledge to the next, who in turn adds to this his own unique style of honed craftsmanship. This has culminated in the methods used today. In fact, it would be safe to say that the men involved today, are nothing short of true master craftsmen.

Starting with 90 clay roof tiles and 100 Welsh roof slates, Macmillan Slaters and Tilers Limited was established in 1974. Ron Macmillan (Retired Director) began working from an office situated in the family home together with help from his brother John and son Robert they swiftly out grew this, he then leased a site at the bottom of Orakei Road, one of the sites that they still work from today. His son Robert is still one of the Directors a long with Jarrod.

Macmillans is the pre-eminent supplier of quality roof materials slate, clay and Concrete roofing tiles, many of their loyal clients having been with them since the early days of the company.There is good reason why Macmillans is responsible for much of work done in renewing and restoring the roofs of some of New Zealands most Historic and best known buildings like The Custom House, St Matthews, St Benedicts, Allendale House, Rotorua Bath House, St Patricks, Highwic, Old St Pauls, Hulme Court to name a few, we have the skills required to be trusted with breathing new life in to these historic buildings for future generations to enjoy.

Macmillans restore, repair and erect roofs on any kind of building, anywhere in the country, and it’s the attention to detail and the undying commitment to their craft that makes Macmillans one of the most respected roofing specialists in New Zealand.

The history will continue…..