Roof Maintenance from Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974

We have an experienced roof maintenance team based in Auckland. We carry out any type of roof repair especially tracing leaks. On Slate, Clay and Concrete Tile Roofs. From replacing one tile to the whole roof we will have you covered. We stock nearly 90% of the old tiles sourced from around the country. Or we can just sell you the tiles if need be.

The minimum call out fee for roof maintenance is $140 up to $180 + GST + materials. Depending on location. This allows for 1 hour labour, travel + vehicle charge & complying with new health and safety requirements. The labour charge starts from leaving our yard to returning to it. Once we are on site if the work can not be completed in this costing. We can either give you a verbal quote on the spot or email out a written quote. The call out fee would still be charged. If you proceed with the written quote we would credit you the original call out charge.

Just because a roof is old does not necessarily mean it needs replacing. We will give you an honest appraisal if we can repair your roof to make it last a little longer we will.

Roof maintenance work is fraught with danger. If the people carrying out the work are not well versed with the do`s and dont`s of tiling. This includes anyone carrying out roof repairs. Roof maintenance & Roof restorations.

Moss removal treatments

Moss and Lichen can take up residence on your tiles and contrary to the misguided information out there it does not harm the tiles. Yes it can cause leaks if very heavy. We provide an environmentally friendly Moss Removal treatment to freshen up your roof appearance in general. It is non-acidic and while it kills the moss and lichen straight away it can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months for mother nature to remove it.

Painting / Sealing Clay Tiles

This is not recommended. Because they have been fired it is total unnecessary as we are yet to see a clay tile that leaks due to it turning porus. All paints will peel eventually leaving you with a roof that’s highly unattractive and can take years of life off your roof.

Painting / Sealing Concrete Tiles

These can be coloured to give a fresh appearance. This will only benefit the look of the roof it will not stop a porus roof from leaking. In some cases it can trap water on the ridges if it is not sealed properly and cause further leaks. some painters even break more tiles than they replace. Be very careful who you use ask for references. It is worth noting that there can sometimes be little or no difference between the cost of a new roof and having it repainted.