Clay Chimney Pots for Gas or Wood Burners from Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974

Chimney Pots by Gargoyles & Dragons

This range caters for a gas or wood burner that has a flue with an outer casing (flue) size to a max size of 300mm (if below 200mm diameter this please refer to our standard clay chimney pot) They work on solid brick chimneys (no timber), while also catering for timber framed flue chimneys (gas & log).

The CP 41 & the Halifax large (CP30L) can accommodate gas and wood burning flues with an outer casing (flue) size diameter up to of 200 mm. The large CP23 can accommodate an outer casing (flue) size diameter up to 300mm. When these pots are used you need a special stainless steel butterfly cowl which we also sell.

We can freight to anywhere in NZ.


The photos below are samples of the colour range for gas fires or wood burners (this pot model shown is not suitable for either fire)

Natural Clay

Aged – Oxide Wash


Aged- Oxide Wash

Any natural clay pot can have this finish applied at no extra cost. This finish will weather & fade over time.


Is a different type of clay that reacts differently when fired, this gives it a very unique colour. Stoneware pots are made to order. Lead times vary around 14-16 weeks depending on our work load at the time.


We can also have them glazed to a colour of choice. Please note glazing is made to order. Lead times vary around 14-16 weeks depending on our work load at the time.

Available Designs for Gas or wood burner Fires

H = 580mm
B external = 420mm
B internal = 380mm
Weight = 41kg
$929 + GST 1 in stock

H = 480mm
B external = 570mm
B internal = 410mm
Weight = 32kg
$1,068.35 + GST 2 in stock

CP23L Ashgrove
H = 850mm
B external = 570mm
B internal = 530mm
Weight both parts = 72 kg
$1,897.50 + GST on order ring for lead time

Butterfly Cowl – For use in Terracotta & Copper Chimney Pots

Butterfly Cowl

Stainless Steel Butterfly Cowls fit to the top of the inner casing (flue) after the outer casing cover is installed (casing cover is supplied with the standard flue kit).

Butterfly Cowls sizes are based on size of the inner casing (flue) measurement of your fire.

300 mm Diameter weight 1 kg $201.60 + GST
250 mm Diameter weight 900g $170.40 + GST
225 mm Diameter weight 800g $170.40 + GST
200 mm Diameter weight 600g $170.40 + GST
150 mm Diameter weight 500g $146.40 + GST



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