John Macmillan


Dear Uncle John

Long before I came to the company you helped your little brother Ron and Family move to NZ after following your move here. The big adventure as Ron put it, you helped him set up a business called Macmillan Slaters and Tilers, the early years, driving the trucks and helping out in general. This act will never be forgotten it goes to show what a man you were. I got to meet you long after that. I found you to be the salt of the earth, one of the most knowledgeable sincere warm genuine friendly giving man I have ever meet. A true Scotsman. The stories you told from the first day you jumped ship and got on a train and ended up sleeping under the redwood trees in Te Kuiti, to your travels on boats to the Islands, which was like your second home we all loved hearing them. The first time I meet you I was the delivery boy of you prized tobacco stash from the south, I went down to the docks early one morning to drop off your stash. You kindly asked if I would like a cup of tea little did I know your version had two shots of whiskey in it, you just smiled and watched me sip it. I downed the lot felt slightly sic but had a pep in my step for the rest of the day, you were the first to help others and were adored by many, we enjoyed you popping down to the yard for a cuppa and chewing the fat with us and we will miss that. Your family and friends at your funeral are a credit to you, they are good real people and the day was a true send off to you, with a couple of drinks to send you off. Rest in peace my friend