Ladder Safety Device Gutter Pro Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974

Ladder Safety Device for only $49.80 Incl GST.
A Ladder Safety Device such as Gutter Pro is a practical, simple to install device.
Falling from height can cause serious harm with life long consequences,both physically and financially, they can even be fatal.
Using a broom handle, Gutter Pro is a device easily placed into position. Its unique design transfers the weight of the ladder and the person back on to the fascia. Rubber grips wedge into the back of the gutter, helping to keep the Gutter Pro firmly in place. Guards on either side help minimise the chance of your ladder sliding sideways – ensuring that on completion of your task, so you the guttering and fascia remain free from scratches and dents.
It works with most styles of Residential spouting.It works with any brand of ladder providing it is no wider than 455mm.It is easy to use.Strong yet light weight.
It is a good anchor point for your ladder.
Perfect for tradesmen or home owners concerned about safety, with the added benefit of protecting the spouting. It could save your wallet and your backside from unnecessary pain.


Ladder Safety device Safety tips Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974

When using ladder safety device such as gutter pro you must still take all practical steps to ladder safety.
Please use common sense. If none is available please read the following.
Never use a homemade ladder!. Ladders must not be painted as this can hide defects.
Always stand ladders on a firm base and if the ground is soft use suitable support underneath. Consider staking and/or blocking at the bottom. Never use rungs as a support for planks to stand on or rest rungs on planks. Always use both hands to climb and descend. All ways face the ladder when climbing or descending never with your back to the ladder.
Make sure the Ladder extends at least one metre beyond working platform to allow for safe access/egress. Secure the ladder at the top.
Do not carry loads up ladders – use hoist or alternative method. Never over reach from ladders get down and move the ladder.
Beware of overhead obstructions, especially overhead power lines stay at least 4 metres away from live cables.
Always follow manufactures recommendations even when using ladder safety device such as gutter pro
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