Slate roofing In New Zealand


Slate Roofing, to this day we still find ourselves explaining to customers or people who have an opinion about slate roof tiles, the importance of choosing a good quality slate. yes a good quality slate is more expensive but so is re-roofing in a few years time. If cost is an issue you are far better off going to a French clay tile of flat profile, to give you a similiar look and will last at least 75 years compared with 5 to 25 years for a cheap slate roof. We all so come across poor flashing choices with slate roofs, if a good slate roof will last 75 + years then so should the flashings, to get this right at a latter date will be expensive. Flashings for a slate roof should be Lead or copper for longevity provided they are installed to the correct spec`s.

Cheap slate roof tiles give all slate roofs a bad name, but so can poor workmanship. When choosing a slater`s have a look at some of their work that THEY have done not just pictures of someone else`s work, ask a builder you trust or Architect who they would recommend this can pay dividends to achieve an end result everyone can be proud of.