Roofing Issues


Roofing Issues we have been in the game long enough to see other suppliers and installers of various roofing products come and go. From people just selling the product, then the developer gets anyone to put it on with varying degrees of success. Some products can not handle the UV in this country and fail long before their life expectancy. There are two types of roofing companies one’s that have a good history of working with good products that have stood the test of time. Others that are driven by sales only, with little regard for what is in the client’s best interests or for that matter the house itself, they care only about making money which is what every business needs to do, but to go about it with honesty, integrity and a clear conscience. It amazes me how many companies still do not get held account for poor advice poor materials or poor installation. We get asked to look at roofs with issues, some only two to three years old, we can give them the name of who did it and recommend they take it up with them seldom do people choose to. So they get away with it, if every company is truly honest every body makes mistakes, the key is to put your hand up take ownership of it, fix it, learn from it and move on. In life some times you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.

You need to do your research on what product you like i.e. cost, performance, quality, look
Does it meet your expectations?
Look at installers previous work is a must, how long have they been in business, ask around a verbal recommendation is worth far more than flipping through the phone book or the interweb.