Monier Concrete Roof Tiles from Macmillan Slaters & Tilers est 1974


Why Monier concrete roof tiles?

Concrete tiles have been made in New Zealand from the early 1900`s they have proven over time to be a good option for an NZ roof from price to longevity in the early days most thought they would last 30 or so years. There are plenty of concrete tiles that are still fit for purpose after 70 years!. All though no longer made in NZ Monier imports their tiles from Australia.

Tile properties are as follows:

Monier concrete roof tiles are completely non-combustible with an A class fire rating. They are made of an energy efficient material with better acoustic and temperature insulating properties than many other types of roofing materials.

Manufactured from sand, cement and water concrete roof tiles are an environmentally friendly choice. They are suitable for drinking water collection.

A Monier concrete roof tile is impervious to frost or ice. They are ideal for coastal locations as it will not rust, warp or corrode.

Monier concrete roof tiles carry a 50 year manufactures guarantee. Matched with new shades that are sealed with a protective finish. They are reliable yet remain affordable. They really tie the house together to give an attractive yet robust appearance.

With proven protection and an attractive appearance at a lower cost, it is easy to see why concrete tiles remain a popular choice in roofing. We have a good range of new concrete roof tiles to suit any house. We can obtain the profile you may require in new or recycled either supply only or install. We have large stocks of roof tiles that are no longer in production so whatever you need we will have you covered in no time.

Please view our Recycled Roof Tile Page for information on recycled tiles, pricing & to help identify your tile.

Download Catalogue:

Monier Concrete Tile Roofing Catalogue [7.4MB PDF]

Monier Concrete Tile Roofing Catalogue
[7.4MB PDF]